1. Organize the kids room. Their room is a mess, and it drives me insane. It drives me even more insane that they just tear it all apart after I organize it.

I think I did pretty good last week! Here is what I managed:

1. Organize the kids room. DoneWe did this on Sunday. We managed to fill two garbage bags of toys to either throw out or donate. It felt great. I also organized their bins again. They still have way too much stuff, but for the moment their room doesn’t look like a bomb went off.

2. Paperwork. Not done. I just didn’t get to it.

3. One 5km walk. Sort of Done. Saturday we decided we needed to get away from the house with the kids. So we went to a near by forest and walked the paths in there with the kids. We also had a bit of a picnik. I forgot to have my app on for most of the walk, but I am sure we did around 5k.

4. Survive the week. Sort of… I am writing this post, so I guess I survived. However by Sunday I was pretty sore, and I seem to be having lots of braxton hicks. Olivia came down with the flu right after our trip to the park on Saturday, and I seem to have a very sensitive stomach now.

5. Get a new pair of maternity pants. Done. I am probably most excited about this one. I got two pair of pants and a new shirt with my birthday money. I think I did pretty good.

So overall, I count last week as a success.

This weeks goals:

Honestly, I don’t have too high of hopes for any goals this week. My stomach is not doing so good, and the amount of braxton hicks I have been having are making me just want to sleep on the couch all week. But I am going to set a couple goals anyways.

1. Paperwork. I just need to do this and get it over with.

2. 1 5k walk. This one really depends on if my braxton hicks calm down or not.

3. Organize Olivia’s room. Since we moved her into the small room, her room has kind of become a dumping ground for whatever. I really want to get it cleaned up.

4…. I had another goal in mind…. but I can’t remember what it was.


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