Seriously… this pregnancy is not treating me well and I am ONLY 16 weeks along. I have been battling many braxton hicks contractions over the last week.  They are turning into an all day event and to be honest I am pretty sore and uncomfortable. I don’t have time to do nothing all day, so I push through it. I also have SPD with this pregnancy.. which is more pain. Is it August yet?

Lately I have been surfing Pinterest again. I think I am addicted to it again. I love looking up idea’s for the house. When our finances are a bit better I really want to pain the bedrooms and actually decorate the house… you know.. instead of the pile of crap that are everywhere! I also love going through the greek boards. There is always some interesting or funny things there.

Lately we have had a serious issue with the kids jumping on the couch. I don’t know how many times a day I have to tell them to not jump on the couch. The couch is not a jungle gym. It drives me bonkers, and they think it is hilarious. Any tips on how to get them to stop?

I have really been trying to take(ing) more time with the kids on the weekends. Normally I work most of Saturdays. I think from now on I want to limit the time I work on Saturdays, and if I can not work it at all. This isn’t always possible, but I can feel the high stress levels in the house when I have been in the studio all day.  We get so little time during the week to spend with the kids. I think they miss me on the weekends when I work.

I have been thinking about making more changes to my blog design. Some of you know that I used to do blog design as a business (I still do website design). However when it comes to my own blog I can never come up with anything that looks nice. It bugs me, but I really need to figure something out if I plan to blog regularly again!

What have you been doing lately?


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