Sorry this is a day late. Yesterday was super busy for us! So I am now 17 weeks pregnant, and have a lot to update on since my 15 week post!

You can’t really tell from this pictures, but my belly has really popped more over the last couple of weeks. I am looking much more pregnant and less chubby.

I have also started to feel the baby, which is nice. Although I can’t wait until it is a regular thing. Right now I really only feel it if I am relaxing and the older kids are not around. Otherwise I am just too distracted to notice.

I had my first midwife appointment. I got a student and a regular midwife. The student ran the appointment and it was a bit fun, because I think she was a be thrown with the English and I knew what she should ask before she did. I didn’t mind at all. The other midwife didn’t say too much,  but she seemed to good, and I think her English was better than the students.

Part of the interview is going over past pregnancies and births. After describing my last birth the older midwife looks at me and says ‘So you will give birth at home this time’ (due to how fast Olivia came once things got started). I just kind of laughed, and then told her we were planning on a home birth anyways. Her reply.. ‘good’. It was a bit funny, as I don’t think the student had anyone request a home birth, so she just continued and gave me some info and papers on the hospital. The older midwife stopped her and said it doesn’t matter, she won’t need this, she is never gonna make it to the hospital even if she wanted too. Yep… everyone is expecting a speedy birth… Just because this one will torture me for hours! So that was the midwife appointment. I don’t see them again until June.

However, I am having some problems that may warrant a doctors visit. I have been having really bad hip pain, which the midwife diagnosed as SPD. I am in pain most of the time, and I know it is just going to get worse. Right now I feel like I am 8 or 9 months pregnant.

I have also started to have Braxton Hicks all the time. With Julius I had these also early which resulted in my being on bed rest for most of my pregnancy (he still came late though..). I am reducing the amount of photoshoots I do in a week and trying to relax when I can, but it seems if I do any walking at all they really pick up and are painful. I am trying to avoid a doctors visit, but think I may have to go in just to have a talk with her and see what she suggests.  It was already recommended to me that I do not work because of the SPD, however that is just not an option for us.

So that is what is new in pregnancy land for me.