Another week gone. Some days I feel like the days fly by, others go by so slowly! What about you?

Here is how I did with last weeks goals:

1. Paperwork.Done. I did it this morning…

2. 1 5k walk. Just about.I had to go downtown last week to get passport pictures done. The walk there and back was about 5km.

3. Organize Olivia’s room. Not Done. I just didn’t get it done.

4…. I had another goal in mind…. but I can’t remember what it was. I never remembered what it was

So what is on the list for this week? Honestly with all the pain from braxton hicks and my hips I really don’t want to do anything! But I think setting some goals is healthy, so here are a couple.

1. Organize Olivia’s Room. I actually really want to get this one done.

2. Finish one work project. I am in the process of working on a website for a customer. I would really like to get it done and not think about it anymore.

3. Make some blog mock-ups in photoshop. I change  my mind everyday with how I want my blog to look like. I think I will make some in photoshop and see if anything really sits with me well.


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