Okay, so I kind of disappeared last week. A bunch of stuff was discussed here at home. These things really impact what is going to happen this fall. As most of you know we are due to have another child at the end of August or beginning of September. Some of you may have also read that I was trying to go to school this fall as well. The original program that I wanted to take just isn’t possible. I could not secure the funding for it. I was bummed about that. However I did find a program that I could take as a distant/off campus student from a university that is located here in Denmark. University here is free, so there is no issue with costs (other than for books and the occasional train ticket I will need). However it isn’t the most ideal (to me) Masters degree. Ultimately I decided that a Masters degree in something is  better than no Masters degree at all. This meant rushing around getting all my application stuff together as the deadline to apply was today. It will be a month or two before I find out if I get in or not. But going to school as brings up the issue with what to do with my business. And honestly I have not figured that out yet! My husband is also thinking about school, so we are trying to work out what is most financially secure for us to do these things. This means nothing on my list from last week got done.

This weeks goals:

1. Get my passport application done. This is turning in a real  pain in the ass to get done!

2. Get a minium of 5 products set up in my new website.

3. Finish customer website.

4. Do something with Olivia’s room!

5. Spend some time in the garden. With all the warmish weather and sun there are a lot of weeds that need to be pulled.


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