Currently I have not been reading that much and I wish I was reading more. But honestly, but the time I can managed to pick up a book I am too tired to read and would just rather go to bed. I currently have two books on the go and have read neither of them in over two months… I miss my books.

Lately I have been feeling overwhelmed with all the decisions that need to be made. School, business, should I rent a studio space, should I take maternity leave.. this… that.. so many things!

Time these days has both been racing by and going at a turtles speed. Did you know it is already April? April… what happened to the first three months of this year? As much as I want time to slow down I want it to speed up. I want August to be here. I want to have this baby!

Using my time effectively has been difficult this week. The week started out with one sick child. She went back to daycare yesterday, and around 9:30 am I get a call from preschool saying that my oldest has pinworms and had to come home and get treatment. So that ruined all plans for yesterday. Now I should be using any down time when this happens to work.. but instead I end up sleeping or watching TV. Not very productive at all…

I am just about 19 weeks pregnant and am still smelling everything! My super smell makes it hard to even open the fridge, because it is so overwhelming that I want to gag. I can’t stand the smell of anything cooking. It smells so gross even if it tastes so good. Even the smell of baking cookies got to me. Not fun at all.

What’s currently going on in your life?

Obviously MARvelous