Another week gone. Time seems to be flying by and I feel like I can never get caught up on my to do list! Here is how I managed with last weeks wishes/goals

Last weeks goals:

1. Get my passport application done. This is turning in a real  pain in the ass to get done! Almost! It took forever to get back to me to refill out stuff. I will be sending it off today or tomorrow.

2. Get a minium of 5 products set up in my new website. Not Done. I keep changing my mind with how I want to do that website… still undecided.

3. Finish customer website. Didn’t even think about it!

4. Do something with Olivia’s room! Not done.. however: I cleaned and organized part of the kitchen that has been a total mess since we moved in last year. This felt sooooo good to get done.

5. Spend some time in the garden. With all the warmish weather and sun there are a lot of weeds that need to be pulled. Done. I got most of one garden bed cleaned up… but there is so much more to do!

This weeks wishes/goals:

I am going to keep it simple. Get a bunch of garden work done. We have a huge yard with 2 really big flower beds, plus flower beds around the entire house, in the front walk way.. and one other place. It is a lot of work. We also need to get the veggie garden dug up and ready to plant. I think I will try and take pictures of all the garden for next weeks post.

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