I was really getting into the wing of blogging. I really was, but then you may have noticed that I once again disappear for the last few weeks. There are a number of reasons for my absence. Life for my family has been a been complicated this year already. Here is what has been keeping my busy and away.

The start of 2014 brought cancer into our family. A close family of mine was diagnosed with cancer. Luckily it had not spread and they were able to remove it complete and it seems to be gone. I lost my dad to cancer when I was 13, so this hit me very hard. Add that to being on the other side of the world and being so far away and my year started out very stressful.

Fast forward to April.

My husband and I decided that this was our last baby. He decided to get a vasectomy. This happened the week before Easter week. He was pretty sore which meant I took double duty with the kids, which was a bit hard with all the pain I have been having. But, we pushed through this and it really wasn’t too much of a big deal.

Easter we had great weather and spent a great deal out in the yard cleaning it up and working on the gardens (which we have many). It was great to have family time. Real family time, outside, no electronics.

However, over the last week or so we have been dealing with another cancer scare. This time on my husbands family side. A diagnose of cancer in this case would have been devastating. After a really long week of waiting for tests to be done we found out that it was NOT cancer. Huge sigh of relief.

Other than all the family stuff I have been busy with business stuff. I am opening up a web shop next week. I will  be selling cloth and vinyl photography backdrops in Europe. I am working on getting the site fully up and functional. I had a good friend of mine over at The Momma Bird design it for My me and she did a fantastic job. Right now I am in the process of adding items to the shop, working out kinks, etc. My planned opening date is May 1st. So there is a lot to do there! I will share the url for the site once it is up and fulling running.

And of course I am also taking pictures for the photography business.

So that is where I have been and what I have been up to. I hope to update here more again soon.

On a different note… isn’t my daughter just beautiful?

IMG_7532web IMG_7546web IMG_7558web