It has been a long time since I posted any sort of update about the kids. So I figured I would devote my next three posts to my kids. Starting with our oldest Elisabeth:


Elisabeth turned 4 this past March. To be honest I was glad to be done with 3, however 4 has brought new challenges with her. She has really changed a lot over the past year. Her comprehension of the world around her is much more advanced than it was a year ago. She has also found that she has (so she thinks anyways) some negotiation power with us. It is interesting to see how her little minds puts things together, and sometimes how it can not put things together.

She is very creative. She loves to dance and sing and she has a wild imagination. She and her brother are always running away from the witch that seems to live in our house (and sometimes that witch is me if I ruin the fun). She draws people now. Strange looking people, but I love it. She is really really good at puzzles. And like every kid on the planet she loves the movie Frozen. She is always singing Let It Go, and she runs around acting out the entire scene.  It is both adorable and annoying.


And this girl has an obsessions with dresses. I hate when the weather is crappy or if I don’t have any clean dresses for her. It is this huge drama if she can not have a dress on. She also has this problem of wanting to change 50 times a day, which leads to clothes everywhere and me not knowing what is clean and what needs to be washed.

She is also very excited about a new baby coming and asked me all the time when it can come out. She has decided that it is a girl and it’s name is Smela (I have no idea where this names comes from…)

She can be a lot of fun.

However, these days she is also more on the frustrating side. She is very stubborn, and if she wants something, she wants it and there is no other option. Once she gets a thought in her head and has decided that is the way it is, it is very difficult to communicate with her if we can not come to terms with what she has decided.


This leads to many many melt downs, crying fits, screaming that are extremely difficult to calm. Sometimes this is triggered simply by me telling to be careful with something so that she doesn’t accidentally hit or hurt someone or herself. Other times is is because she can’t have cake, or food 15 minutes before we are to eat dinner, or that it isn’t time to watch TV. It is exhausting to deal with this daily and some days it is all I can do to not scream back at her. She also can have a really hard time focusing on the task at hand, and has to be reminded to focus.

But, then we were called into an appointment with her teacher. They also have this problem with her, and they have also noticed some motor skill issues. We were told that these two issues could be connected, and that perhaps that she just isn’t able to control these (or doesn’t have the skills) melt downs. They have suggested someone come in and evaluate her and see if that is the issue, or if she is just a super stubborn, clumsy 4 year old.

Now don’t take this the wrong way, but hearing that her behavior is not normal, and that it might be something out of her and our control was a huge relief. Does it make it any less frustrating? No, not at all, however it does make it a bit easier to handle.

All this being said, I think she is turning into a beautiful little person. And I hope that she keeps some of this strong headedness she has. She will need it when she is older.