Julius, our baby boy (who really isn’t a baby) and one who is almost impossible to get good pictures of. He turned 3 this past February. In march he started preschool.

He seems to love preschool, which is great. We placed him in the same preschool as Elisabeth, but he is in a different room. He has always been good with language, but over the last couple of months is has exploded, as has his general understanding of connecting things. We have some behavior issues right now, but we attribute that to the adjustment of being in preschool all day and being tired when he is home.

I’m not sure if I mentioned it before, but he is a very sensitive child. Right now, with all the changes and new things and develop he seems to be a bit over stimulated. This leads to melt downs, and some days he just has a hard time. He has also started to have his Anoxic Reflex Seizures again.

Melt downs, over stimulation and seizures a side, he is a very happy boy. We hear regularly from  his preschool how happy he is. It is nice to hear.

He is a very caring little boy (when he isn’t bugging his sisters, which I think is  his favorite past time). A couple weeks ago I had the flu and was very sick. He was very concerned about the baby and asked me a few times if it was just me that was sick and if the baby was ok. It was sweet.

He has also asked me a few times if I am sure that the I am having a baby and not a cat. He would really like to have a cat.

He seems to have endless energy, until about 4.30pm, when he usually passes out on the couch. He is very picky with food right now. He goes completely uncontrollably crazy if he has too much sugar. He really likes to be read too and look at books, and he is really good at counting.

It is a lot of fun seeing the person he is becoming.