It has been a while since I updated on my pregnancy. I am now 29 weeks along, and it feels like time is dragging! I am just getting bigger and more uncomfortable each day.

I had a regular check up around 25 weeks. The baby’s heart rate was good, my belly is measuring slightly bigger than average. I did bring up the many braxton hicks that I have been having, since they seem to be an all day, all the time thing and they hurt. She decided to check my cervix just be sure that they were not doing anything, and they weren’t. So that was good news. She said that she thinks that I am having them so often or easily because it is my fourth pregnancy so soon.

I asked her when I should be concerned about them. She told me that if I lay down and they don’t go away after a couple of hours, then I should call. Otherwise I just have to deal with them. Is it the end of August yet?!

The pubic pain is getting worse. I can’t spread my legs at all without a lot of pain. Going up stairs is torture. Luckily, we don’t have any in the house. The doctor told me I probably shouldn’t work too much and get my husband to do a lot of house hold stuff and deal with the kids. He is already really great at that, but I can see it wearing on him a bit. As for work.. I am no longer taking any more photography clients until after the baby is born. I am just doing what I have already booked.

After the last couple of photo sessions I have been extremely sore and sick for a couple days afterwards. So I am putting more focus on the web shop instead.

Remember how I found out the sex of the baby, but my husband didn’t? Well I managed to screw up and give it away this past weekend. I won’t announce it here yet. He is pretty disappointed that I gave it away, and we haven’t talked baby stuff at all since. I feel really bad about it. I wasn’t even talking to him, I said something without thinking to my mom over skype which gave it away.

So that is what’s happeneing with this pregnancy. I go see the  midwife this week. I am looking forward to it and discuss our birthing options some more.