So it has just about been 10 weeks since I last posted. I could blame it on summer holidays, but in reality life has just been hitting us a bit hard still.

Since June we have been trying to buy a house. We found a house that has enough bedrooms for all the kids to have their own room. Space for us to have a office, and space for me to have a studio, and storage space. It has a fenced in yard for the kids to play in.. it is pretty much perfect. Getting a bank to approve a house loan has been a never ending process. Right now we may have figured it out. Well at least we have got farther in the process than we have before. We are approved from the bank, but still need to be approved through the finacial institution that handles the other part. We might have an answer next week. We don’t have high hopes, but it would be nice.

The kids have gotten sick a couple times over the summer. Although that in itself is nothing unusual. With 3 small kids and 2 adults there is always someone that is sick with something. However both my husband and I got a very bad stomach virus over the summer holidays. It lasted an entire week with my husband. I only had it for a few days, but it landed me in the hospital with early contractions at 34 weeks. Luckily it seems it was the stomach cramps that were giving me contractions and they contractions themself did not do anything other than put me in pain. So there was that..

This past week my husband ended up being taking to the hospital in an ambulance from work because he was having a lot of pain and couldn’t breath right. Long story short on that, it seems it is a pinched nerve or muscle in his back. The whole event was stressful, it was a hard week for me, as I had to take over almost everything with the kids. At 37 weeks, with early contractions, and not fully recovered from being sick earlier I am totally drained! Luckily my husband seems to be on the mend. We will see how his first day back to work goes on Monday.

Did I mention I still have my webshop to run? Luckily I managed to get photo sessions done, but I did have to cancel one, as it just wasn’t possible for me to do it.

I’m 38 weeks pregnant today, and so ready to be done with it! I am hope she comes soon!

Oh, and I updated my wordpress and my design disapeared. Awesome! My fault for not doing it in the right spot the first time…

I’m hoping my next post is baby news (and not 10 weeks from now!).