not so ugly ducklings

Still no baby news. My life seems to be stuck in a endless waiting for things to happen. Waiting for this baby to arrive, waiting for the final bits of the house buying process, waiting for school to start. Just waiting for something to happen.

I hate waiting. Time is going slowly.

Right now, most of all, I want this baby out! I will be 40 weeks on Sunday, so I know I can still have another 13 days to go before I have the option to be induced. I hope it happens sooner rather than later.

I had a midwife checkup yesterday. Baby girl is growing fine, however still has not dropped. They don’t do any cervical check her before 40 weeks, so I have no idea if there is progress or not. I have had a couple boughts of false labor, lots of backpain and crampyness. I hope it is all signs that something is happening down there. I am tired, uncomfortable and unable to eat over my plate because I can’t lean forward.

Did you notice something in that first paragraph? I mentioned the final bits of the house buying process. If you have followed my blog long enough you will know that we have attempted to buy a house a few times the last few years. You will also know that this always ended in frustration and disappointment. We never were able to get the bank loan. Well, Monday we got approved to buy a house. We have the house we want to buy, the price has already been negotiated. Right now we are just waiting on an inspection report and negotiating a take over date. Nothing is a 100% yet. A lot depends on that inspection report.. but as usual the process seems to be taking forever. And it seems we will have to take over the house fairly soon. This brings all sorts of stress. But I will devote a whole post on that if the time comes.. but still just the waiting.

I start my Masters program next week and I am still waiting on a book list and some other stuff with that. This doesn’t stress me out too much. I am doing most of the study home, and nothing happenes the first few weeks anyways. Still I like to be prepared and it annoys me that everything is left to the very last moment with schooling here.

So that is my life this moment… just waiting.