I had a baby! If you follow my Instagram account, then you probably already know this. Our little Sophie was born at 5.53am August 31st, on her due date.


I don’t know about you, but I love reading birth stories, so here is Sophie’s.

Friday, August 29th.

I woke up some what crampy, and with a little bit of bleeding. I had had some spotting the night before, but was having a little bit more in the morning. Normally, a little bit of blood at the end of pregnancy isn’t anything to get excited about. However, the day before at my midwife appointment we talked about the senario of how will I know if I am in labour if my water doesn’t break first. There was a big chance that since I had never experinced contractions before my water being broken that I might not know when I was in labour. I have had very fast labours in the past.. so it was a bit of a concern. She told me that if I started bleeding to call.

Friday morning I tossed the thought back and forth whether or not I should call. I was having some pressure, some contractions, but nothing really painful or really markable. Finally with a bit more blood, I called my husband to come home, and called the hosptial. They told me to come up to be checked just to be sure.T

We went up, when the checked me the first time I was 2cm open and about 1 cm effaced, and her head was super low. They said maybe, maybe not, but they would like to keep me for a couple of hours to be sure. So we waited around, watched TV, Sean may have napped.

The second time they checked me, no progress had been made and Sophie had moved back up and they had a hard time even reaching my cervix. However I was having some stronger contractions and was flushed, so was asked to wait 2 more hours.

Some what funny story time…

So we were told someone would be back in 2 hours. That it would be a different midwife since her’s shift was over. Okay fine, no biggie. About 10 minutes later in walks this older miwife, she sits down, introduces herself, asks how I am and states that she wants to give me an enema. She thinks it is just the trick to get things moving. Reluctantly I agree. I honestly want the baby out, and if that will help.. sure.. why not. She does the Enema… and we never see her again. Later another midwife comes in to check on me.. and all my husband can think is… who was the old woman? (for the record the new midwife had known that I recieved the Enema). So I was the victim of a fly by Enema..

When I was check this last time the midwife couldn’t even get to my cervix and stopped because it was so painful for me because it was so high. So we went home. I was told to come back if I had a strong feeling that the baby was coming, or if I was unsure again, but not to wait. They really didn’t want me to have the baby in the car. We went home. I relaxed for the evening and was a bit frustrated and really sore.


Woke up tired and sore, and probably cranky too. More bleeding, more crampyness. My husband and I went out to do some shopping in the morning. I wanted the chance to walk around a bit. When we came back I was exahusted, so I went and had a nap. I slept for about 3 hours and woke up feeling normal again. No more contractions, no more bleeding.. just pregnant. I was disapointed as I felt that I was not going to be having her in the weekend.

Sunday around midnight.

I got up to go pee. Did that, but when I was going out of the bathroom door I felt a small gush. I wasn’t sure what just happened, if  I had just peed more or if my water was breaking. I sat back down on the toilet.. and nothing. Must have been pee. But now I was awake, so I decided to go on my computer for a bit.

Sometime around 1 am I started have contractions here and there. Nothing exciting, but they seemed to come some what regularly. I considered going back to bed, as this wasn’t something new for me. However I had that little voice saying to me, what if you go to bed and suddenly wake up having to push. That would suck. So I waited for a bit. The contractions didn’t stop, but they didn’t really get stronger or closer together. Still I felt that it would be better to wake my husband and go up to the hospital then end up caught off guard.

We got to the hospital around 2 or 2.30. The midwife checked me and I was now at 4 cm, so she said I can stay, and if I made no progress in 2 hours then they would go ahead and break my water. I was having this baby today. We talked about my previous births, and how quick they had been, and also that I might want to give birth in water. Nothing was really happening at this point so Sean decided to lay down and get some sleep. I took up a spot on a comfy chair and the midwife just observed me a bit and noticed that I was having contractions that seemd to be a bit more uncomfortable. She started the water, got some stuff ready just in case things started moving quickly.

The contractions got a bit stronger, but still not close together. I would have one maybe two in a 10 minute span. When the bath tub was ready I got in. It was nice. It was my first bath in like 2 years (we don’t have a bath tub at home). I relaxed in there. Contractions where still not close enough together, but were stronger. But still nothing that I could not manage.

4 am came around and we decided to check to see if any progress had been made. And it had. I was now at 6 cm. The midwife said I was having a very normal labour, and at this rate, she expected the baby to be born in about 3 to 4 hours, maybe sooner. However, she could break my water and see if that made things go quicker. I declined. The cervical checks had been painful and I was tired and not in the mood to have another. Instead I opted to get out of the pool and see if I could get some sleep. There seemed enough time between contractions for this to be possible.

So I got out, dried off and dress and when over to the bed. I then had to go to the bathroom. I ended up going a couple more times in a short span. By the time I was finished with that I could no longer get into the bed. The contractions where now strong enough that I needed to focus on them. The midwife asked me if I still wanted to give birth in the water. I said yes and that I should probably get back in.

The warm water was nice and helped me relax as I had the contractions. I was now having 4 or more within 10 minutes and they were long. After some time (I have no sense of time from when I got back into the tub until she was born) I mentioned that my body was starting to push a bit. The midwife said okay, and just kept and eye on me.

I hate the pushing part.. I had been dreading it the entire time and honestly was probably trying to hold it back at this point as I was exahusted and as much as I wanted Sophie to come out.. I didn’t want to do the pushing part. However I really had no say in the matter..  My body started pushing on it’s own, the midwife jumped up to get ready (she was already ready, but had to put a glove on). I moved to the other end of the tub thinking it would be easier to push from that side. I was wrong. You see, I was too tall for the birthing tub and could not get my feet in the brace spots to push. I just could not get any grip anywhere. I asked sean to come up to my head so I could hold his hands to brace against something. The midwife grabbed one leg, and had called for someone to help. She came in and grabbed my other leg. I pushed through the next contraction and Sophies head came halfway out. I kept pushing even though there was no contraction, but was told to stop and let her come out naturally. I wasn’t keen on the idea due to the discomfort, but did as I was told. When I stopped panicing I could feel that she was indeed still coming out… just not fast enough for me. I was to wait for the next contraction. It never came, so I just started pushing once she was out enough I was told to stop pushing again. I was frustrated, but she came out.

Instant relief.

She was born at 5.53. I did the last 4 cm and pushed her out in under 2 hours.

The rest of the story isn’t that exciting. I didn’t require and stiches, and I had little bleeding. The hospital wasn’t busy, so we were able to stay and relax for until about 11 am before we came home to the maddness.

Now I know some of you may be wondering… I thought you were doing a homebirth? Yes, that was the plan.. however I will devote another post and my feelings about my water birth another time.

For now… welcome to our little Sophie.