Are you on Pinterest? I am.. and I love it. It is my go too time wasting place. I spend a lot of time perusing through pins on my phone. Lately even more than normal.

We have nearly bought a house (I say nearly because until the final papers are signed I refuse to 100% believe it). I am dreaming of decorating. We will finally have a place that is ours, where we do not plan to move out of within the next 5 years (with this house there would be no plans to move at all). We have 4 kids and I have never bothered to decorate their rooms. We have never put up pictures or fully unpacked because there has always been this thought of well we are just going to have to move again so why bother.

But this time it will be different. I get to paint and decorate 3 kids bedrooms. Part of the house isn’t finished, and until we finish the unfinished part two of the girls will share a room. Here are some pins I have been looking at for inspiration:

For the shared room I love these colors:

However I am thinking one girl would have the pink stuff and the other a darker purple color. Or just maybe the two shades of pink.

This pink and green is also fun

And are these not just perfect for a girls shared room?

The single girls room:

I am thinking of going for something simple like this purple and white

But I also love this yellow and greens

The Boys room:

Honestly I don’t have much ideas for his room. I think we will probably just go for something like this:


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