Another week has come and gone. I really don’t know where this last week went. It is all kind of blurry. I am sure it is just because I am tired.

This past week we have been waiting for a phone call. Waiting for the bank, calling us, to let us know if we can buy the house or not. It is nerve wrecking. We are down to the final approval stage and it is taking forever. We initally expected to have an answer early this week, now it seems we should know by Monday. I honestly don’t have a good feeling about it. I hope I am wrong.

I am loving the above picture of the kids. My oldest looks so proud in it doesn’t she? My heart just melts seeing them all together and looking happy. However I think I will wait until Sophie can sit up and also look and try to take another to print out large to hang on the wall.

I have been eating everything I can lately. I am starving all the time. I know that it is from breastfeeding. But since I am starving and craving sweets I am not really making the best choices. I need to get some healthy snacks in the house. I really really want chocolate, but have already cut that out as it seems to make Sophie gassy. I have also cut out soda, just because I think it is better to drink water than cola all day. I had a made craving for ketchup chips, which I satified today (by eating an entire pringles can to myself in one sitting). It ends today.. no more junk.. I have baby weight to get rid of..

I haven’t been riding much of anything other than the emotional train that happens after having a baby. Sheer bliss, to the blues, to exahaustion to some what normacy. Darn those hormones.

I am wishing for so many things right now. Wishing for the bank to get back to us, wishing for my business to pick up more, wishing for more time, wishing for time to slow down ( Sophie will already be 3 weeks old on Sunday!). At this moment, however I am wishing for the kids bedtime to come so I can chill out on the couch with my husband and watch another episode of Suits. That reminds me.. I need tv series suggestions. I have some time to watch stuff, so what are your favorites?

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