I have been waiting a long time to write this post. If you have been reading for some time.. then you will know that we have done the house buying dance a few times and it always resulted in frustration and disappointment.

But this time it happened.. although there has been a lot of dancing around with the bank and the realtor and the seller.. and a lot of frustration, but the ending is disapointment this time.

We found this house online way back in May.


It was all kinds of perfect. This house is huge and has enough bedrooms for everyone and space for me to have a studio and a separate office AND for my husband to have a computer room. It had a big, fenced yard. There is storage space. And it was cheap.

We went out to have a look, and decided that due to the size and the price we had to look further into buying it.  It is hard to find houses here big enough for a family of 6 that isn’t going to cost a lot of money. We did not have high hopes, and I refused to have any sort of feelings about it. I did not want to be disappointed again.

We contacted the bank, they asked us to send all our budget stuff in. By our calculations, we would be better off each month with the house than what we pay in rent. However the bank didn’t even consider that. They saw that we have 3 kids and that I am self employed and haven’t had enough income. We didn’t even get a meeting and the bank guy didn’t even really go through our stuff, and just said it wasn’t worth the time because it would be denied.

We were disapointed, but kind of expected it. However, my father in-law did not accept it and had us send all our stuff to his banker (who is in the same bank). After a lot of back and forth it was finally worked out that we were approved to buy the house. The process has been long and we are still waiting on one final thing so that we can have the keys a bit early to go in and paint. However, as of Nov. 1st we are home owners.



This is exciting.. but I am full of mixed emotions.

Moving into this house means moving to another small town about 20 minutes away from where we are now. This means that our kids will be moving to a new daycare and preschool. We are so sad about this, as we are really happy with the ones we have now and I am sure I will cry on the last day. We also love our neighbours and are very sad to be moving away from them. They are wonderful people who love our kids and our kids love them. My husbands aunt live down the street and his brother on the next street over, so we are moving farther away from them. Yes it is only a 20 minute drive, however with no car this take planning and it is much different than having just a 2 minute walk.  We discussed these things many times over the last few months… and ultimately decided that not a single one was a good enough reason to not move. We could not say no to this house, and while we are very sad about the above things.. we are also very excited. So now we are busy with planning, packing and painting… plus all the usually stuff that goes with having 4 children and jobs. Life is hectic right now, but in a good way.