reading, thinking, feeling, eating, dreaming
I have to be honest I have not been reading much of anything lately. I just don’t have the time. I am supposed to be doing a lot of reading for my masters program, but I don’t even do that. Oops.  I really miss just sitting and reading a good book, but with 4 kids all 4 and under I just can’t find the time. And when I do have time I would rather sleep. Maybe one day I will enjoy books again.
There is so much thinking and planning going on in our house right now. I find myself thinking about how I am going to manage the 4 children thing. When we move to the new house I will be doing a lot more on my own with the kids. My husband will have to commute to work instead of it only being 5 minutes away. This means that it falls on my to get all the kids ready in the morning and to preschool/daycare, then I have to pick them all up. Right now we share the responsibilty. Luckily, the preschool and daycare are at the same building, and I know I will figure it out, but it is on my mind a lot right now.
I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed lately. New baby, starting a masters program, buying a house, running a business and not having a smooth recovery after birth has left me tired and on edge. I probably yell at the kids more than I should. I can’t wait for things to settle. Thank goodness for baby smiles!
Eating… I am not even going to go there.. Cake is a good breakfast right?
I am dreaming of days where children are not screaming and are just playing and laughing together. Who am I kidding… with 4 kids so close in age one is always going to be screaming/crying… #acceptit.
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