This week’s themes: appreciating, feeling, looking, regretting, playing

First I should mention the above picture is from a while back. I don’t have any new images prepared for this week and it is 4am and I don’t feel like making one. However I do think the above pictures is hilarious so I figured I would share.

Right now I am feeling very appericative of a business agreement I made with a local photographer.  She is a very well known newborn photographer here in Denmark and yesterday she posted a little advertisment on her facebook page featuring some of my backdrops from my shop. This has boosted my like count on my business page and has already proved profitable. This is a good thing as my laptop is trying to crap out on me and I spent a bunch of money on a new computer the night before. So I am apperciating the fact that the computer is now paid for.

I have been feeling a bit overstimulated and a bit run down this past week. There is always someone touching me or talking to me or wanting something from me. It is just something that goes with having 4 kids 4 and under, one of them only being 7 week old. At this very moment it is 4 am. I should be sleeping, but I am also enjoying the few quiet moments alone. But not really because Olivia has woken 2 or 3 times now crying because she keeps coughing out her soother… I am sure Sophie will wake soon to eat as well.

I am sure I have been looking like a total slob/mess lately. I rarely bother to brush my hair or get dressed out of my pj’s. Especially this past week as I have been taking it easy as I seem to have a uterine prolapse and am waiting for my 8 week check-up to determine how bad that is. Until then I am not supposed to do any lifting (good thing we are moving right now) and am supposed to take it easy. This means I don’t leave the house… which means no need to get dressed. But I think the UPS guy digs it.. he always smiles when he comes to pick up packages. My husband answered the door yesterday.. I think the UPS guy was disappointed… because all men love a slobby woman with breastmilk stains on their shirt.. or it could be that I answered the door with my shirt pulled down over my bra last week and didn’t realize until later that day..

I am starting to regret that I am not sleeping right now…

I miss playing my computer games. I admit it.. I played World of Warcraft, Rift and other such games. It used to be my time out from reality and was very enjoyable. However now if I have time I sleep. Maybe one day I will get back into it. But for now… sleep wins. Except for this very moment of course.

We are again out at the new house to work on cleaning/painting. I am hoping to paint my studio and office this weekend. I really can’t wait to get both of those all set up. I also can’t wait for the kids rooms to get painted. We (and by we I mean me because the husband just wanted to paint everything white) chose colors. So we are going to have a purple room, a green room and a blue room. I have never done anything with the kids rooms before due to renting, so I am very excited about this.

And finally a wave of sleepyness has hit me, so I am going back to bed.

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