anticipating, contributing, discussing, listening, deciding
First of all, where did the last week go? It just flew right by without me noticing, and here it is Thursday again. I hate that time goes by so quickly, especially when you don’t notice it.
I am sure a big contributing factor to this past week going so quickly is that I have been super busy with my webshop. I made a deal with a known photographer, as I mentioned last week. Well Friday the offical post from her reccomending my products went live. It was a big succes and I had a very profitable weekend, and also this week. It has also meant a lot of work. I am a bit nervous, as the ordering part is the easy part. Today the orders start coming in and I need to repackage and ship them out. I usually only have one order to deal with at a time, maybe two. Right now I have about 20 orders. It is awesome though, and very positive for the future of my business.
With all those orders, I am anticipating some kinks along the way. This always seems to happen to me when I run some sort of deal. Within one hour of the Facebook post someone mentioned to me that they couldn’t order becaue they couldn’t fill in the checkout form. Apparent my website decided to decided to some weird design error where an element was overlapping one of the boxes you had to fill out. I don’t know how this happened, or why because 20 minutes before the the sale someone purchased something without problems. I am just hoping that I managed to order everything correctly and that everyone loves what they get. Processing returns and exchanges is a pain.
I have been discussing my plans for my webshop a lot with my husband lately. I am dreaming big, setting big goals, but not setting strict time limits for them. My first goal is just for me to get fully organized and to make a full time wage from it. Ideally…we would like it to be bigger than that so that my husband can join me in it. I really want to get more products in the store, and eventually open it up to worldwide shipping. Like I said.. dreaming big. It is going to happen.
Listening to my body these days is extremely frustrating. Right now it is telling me to relax and to give it better food. Currently I have two wisdom teeth coming up. One that has come through, has enough space, but is slightly irritating, and another that is pressing up in the wrong spot and it some what painful. I went to the dentist on Monday, and at the moment all we can do is wait and see if it comes through or goes back down. I also seem to have a cold that has me coughing and running a mild fever most of the day. And then there is the whole uterine prolaspe thing. Generally I am just super uncomfortable and in pain and am grouchy about it because I can’t really do anything… and I have so much to do right now!
We were trying to decide what do with our garden at our new house. Apparently me and my husband have a differeing of opinions, but that is okay. I can’t wait until spring to see what is in the garden. I can’t wait to be able to decide what can stay, what goes, and what I am going to put in. I have already decided I will be putting in roses along the side of the house along the driveway. I really want some hydrengas, but not sure where I can put some in. There are also these huge rodendron bushes that are going to be just beautiful when they bloom. I can’t wait.
I apoligize for all my spelling mistakes…I am a bit tired, and my computer is on danish I am sure this post is just awful.
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