committing, loving, organizing, watching, shopping
I have been trying to stop committing myself to so many things. I have a problem saying no, and this urge to do it all. I need to realize that I can not do it all. I also need to realize that I don’t need to please everyone. But, it’s not in my nature to not think of others. Everyone is important to me, and I do my best to do what I can for everyone. It wears on me though. I’m tired. I think I may have over ccommittedmyself at the moment.. but I move on with it.
I am loving my new computer. My laptop had been threatening to die on me, so I got a new computer. I decided to go with a desktop, with a nice big screen. I love that it is big enough for me to watch Netflix on one side and still have enough space to work in photoshop or lightroom.
I have been thinking of ways of organizing my work schedule once we move. I am currently on half maternity leave, so I really need to be efficient with my work time since I am only allowed to work 18 hours a week. I am thinking of devoting each week of the month to a different product line. So one week I will focus on making dresses, another on furs and wraps, etc.
I have been watching Sons of Anarchy on Netflix. The show is addicting, and brutal! I wonder all the time is there is no line that they will cross with it. But I think that is what makes it so addicting to watch. You really never know where they are going to take it and they are not afraid to kill off those who are well liked on the show. If you can handle the blood and killing (it is a gang show, so it is to be expected), I highly recommend it. But it is brutal.
I have not really been doing much shopping lately, other than for paint for the new house. However tomorrow is my 5 year wedding annerversary and me and the husband have the whole day free. We decided since the 5 year anniversay is the tree anniversary we are going to buy a tree or a larger plant as our gift. Something that we can have and grow with us. We also may stop at ikea. I am really excited for tomorrow. I have done my best to get all my work wrapped up for the week. He took the day off work and we have arranged for someone to pick up the kids from preschool/daycare and give them dinner. So we have a free day and evening. Well mostly.. Sophie will have to tag along as she hasn’t fully decided if she wants to eat from a bottle yet or not. But still… free evening!
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