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I have been trying to get caught up on my school reading. I had a big step forward on that Monday. I was able to get out to the library for a couple of hours. It was bliss.. no distractions and no crying in the background to distract me. I felt accomplished. I felt encouraged…. like maybe I will actually be able to do this whole Masters, work, mom thing. The plan was to do this 2 times a week. Monday and Wednesday. Didn’t happen yesterday. Someone decided to have a bad day and either sleep on me or cry when awake. There was no way I was gonna ditch my husband with a sick baby and 3 other tired and grumpy children. That just wouldn’t be nice of me. Maybe I should have though.. because then he wouldn’t have had to deal with a grumpy sore wife as well. To top it off, Elisabeth decided to fall of a chair and smash her head. No blood or bumps.. but she did get a bit sleepy afterwards. We called emergency and they told us that if she didn’t loose consciousness and isn’t throwing up then we could keep her home. We did however need to wake her up every 1.5 hours over night. Fun times at our house yesterday!
I have been planning on starting running after the birth of Sophie since I got pregnant with her. My goal was to run a couple 5ks in 2015. Well this isn’t going to happen. I had my postnatal checkup this past week, and while I knew I had some sort of prolaspe, I was kind of hoping that it was all in my head. Nope.. they doctor informed me that the front of my vagina has collapsed (her words), or in other words I have a prolapsed bladder. Not only is this uncomfortable and gives me pain.. it also means no running. šŸ™
I am just about finished sending out all orders from my big sale. If feels good to get through it. It was a lot of work. Granted… I wish I had that amount of sales all the time, but it also feels good to have a bit of a slow period. I have so much other stuff to get done.
I have been really liking doing these weekly posts. I have intentions to write blog posts all the time.. but I really can never organize my thoughts as I have probably about 100 posts I want to write. This link-up gives me some focus and allows me to write a bit, get some stuff off my chest and update the family on some stuff that is going on.
I have been really valuing any small moments that I have without the kids. Don’t get me wrong I value every moment with them as well, however I am feeling overwhelmed with life at the moment. Remember last week when I was looking forward to a day with the hubby for our anniversary? Well it didn’t really go as planned. Sometime in the early hours of Friday Sophie started to make a grunting noise and became really fussy. We ended up taking her to the doctors, and they thought that maybe it was the start of RSV, but at that point all we could do is wait and see since she seemed fine while sleeping and had no fever or congestion. We took a trip to Ikea (bad idea), she slept the entire time.. until we had to go home.. then she just lost it. It took us 1.5hrs to drive a 25 minute drive and we cancelled dinner plans. Saturday she was fine again so we went to work on the new house.. and the furance broke.. meaning it was too cold to stay there and we got nothing done. Sunday we took a family day and hung out and did stuff with the kids. That was nice. Monday Olivia woke with a fever. Tuesday Olivia had a fever. Yesterday Sophie was sick again. I could use a moment or couple hours alone with my husband..
So.. its been fun around here,
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