I can’t believe it has been over two months since Sophie was born. I really don’t know where the time went. Perhaps it is because we haven’t had a moment to pause life.. and with that we missed that completely new newborn stage. That makes me sad, but such is life with 4 small children. But still, I wish there was a pause moment so that I could keep her small a little bit longer.


I meant to give an update here when she was a month old.. but it didn’t happen. But I am getting around to it now, and I did manage to take some pictures of her recently. The first month with Sohpie was both easy and hard. We were so busy with my mom being here and with house stuff. Due to this my milk came in a bit slower and Sophie had a bit of trouble getting back to her birth weight. It took 3 weeks and me having to force myself to take time with her in bed to relax, but we managed to do it without having to supplement. The first few weeks of breastfeeding were painful due to her destroying my nipples due to a tongue tie, however that also got better after getting it clipped.


Sophie is an easy baby for the most part. She doesn’t really cry, only if she has to wait to long to eat. She gets a bit impatient with me then. For the first month or so there wasn’t much sleep in our house. She was up every 2 hours around the clock to eat. I was exahusted, my husband was exahusted.. However she was an early smiler and always gives me big cheesy grins, so I forgive. A couple of weeks a go she started to have a bit longer stretches at night. She usually goes to sleep around 8 and sleeps until either 12 or 3 then again until 5 or 5.30. If she wakes up at 12, then she will wake up around 3.30 again.


However she likes to change things up on me, which messes up my sleep pattern.. so I am still tired. But it is manageable. We do a mixture of co-sleeping and her sleeping on her own (in our room). For the first half of the night she sleeps in her little bed that goes into the pram. Once she wakes up I bring her to bed with me and she sleeps there for the rest of the night. This works well for me. However, when we move to the new house I think she will just be sleeping in her room. On the weekend we have been letting her sleep in her little bed in another room the first half of the night. She seems to always sleep longer. Sometimes, if she has a hard time getting back to sleep I have Sean walk her around. If he does this and puts her back in her bed, she doesn’t get up again until 5 or 6. So she sleeps better away from me.

I love and hate waking up to feed her at night. She always gives me such a big smile when I pick her up from her bed. It warms my heart. However sometimes, after she eats, she wants to stay up for an hour and chat. It is adorable, she is so stinking cute… however I really just want to sleep.


Day time sleep something we haven’t really figured out yet. Most of the time she falls asleep while nursing. Since a lot of the time I am working on my computer I just let her sleep on me. Sometimes she will let me move her and will sleep. Most of the time she doesn’t. She does a lot of little naps during the day. I would really love for her to have a couple longer ones instead. It would be so much easier to get stuff done. Most people here let their babies sleep outside in the pram. However, Sophie is not a huge fan of the pram. She has to be able to see me at all times.. and will only sleep in it if it is moving. This makes it difficult for me to go out with her. She likes to be in the baby carriers.. however with my prolapse I can’t have her on too long. So we spend a lot of time at home.

In the afternoons when I am done work, we hang out on the bed. She loves this. She lays beside me and kicks and talks to me. I knit and watch something on the computer and talk and play with her.

As for milestones.. honestly I don’t remember when they are supposed to do what, and I am not really keeping track, but as of now Sophie can:

– roll on to her sides

– laugh (we had the first one a couple of weeks ago.. I cried)

– starting to bat with her hands at toys

– hold her head up with she is up on your shoulder or when you are carrying her. Put her on her tummy… and she just lays there.

She is already so big. Time flies..