It is Tuesday, which means it is time for my Texture Tuesday post. I have made this weekly link-up a bit of a personal photography challenge for myself. Just to get out and take some pictures in the garden each week. Take 5 minutes for myself and get outside. I can manage this I think. I should be able to find 5 minutes where Sophie is content or sleeping in her bed and slip out into the garden and take a few pictures. This morning I did this once again, and am so glad I did. I wandered over the the apple trees and found them covered in this beautiful lichen/moss.


SUCH beautiful shades of green. I wish I could have spent an hour taking pictures.


But 5 minutes was enough. Although this really made me with I owned a macro lens.. Could you image what I could have got with one?


The morning sun even came out for a few minutes. Talk about good timing, as it is already gone and the clouds have taken over. I think this weekend when I am at the new house I will have to go out and see if there is any fabulous lichen or moss on the trees there.

All these pictures have Kims Friday texture added.


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