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laughing, crying, cooking, looking, planning
So the above picture actually happened last week.. We did however have a repeat of it again this week. It seems to have become a monday tradition… since she seems to only like to poop once a week.
Sophie has starting laughing and it is the most wonderful sound. The first time was a couple of weeks ago, and naturally, I cried. It still takes some work to get her to laugh, but it is worth it when we can get some giggles from her. It brings smiles to everyone in the house. She also has the sweetest little squeak at the end.. and always ends up with hiccups afterwards. I look forward to more of these laughes on a regular basis.
Olivia is a stage where she is crying over everything due to the frustration of the lack of skills to be able to communicate what she wants. It is the most frustrating stage.. however we know that it is just a stage, that is probably amped up with all the changes going on (ie. moving..). Just gotta keep focusing on getting to the other side of this.. if we don’t lose our sanity in the mean time.
Cooking? What is that? We are either busy, tired or sick so cooking around here entails frozen pizze or chicken nuggets and french fries… with pasta some nights. I am sick of all these foods, however I don’t really have the energy to make anything else and at least I know my kids will eat these. We try to add some fresh veggies in with each meal, which the kids love.
I am really looking forward to be done with the whole moving process… we are getting there, but there is still so much to do! This weekend we are hoping to get the floors done in the two bedrooms that we are pulling out the gross old carpets. Once this is done.. we are focusing at moving in. The rest of the painting can be done once we are in the house. We also need to get all our stuff out of the house we are living in so we can get it cleaned up and painted before Jan. 1st.
There is so much planning that needs to be done over the next few weeks. The kids start in their new preschool Dec. 1st. This means planning meeting to see the new place, to have meetings to go over things that need to be passed from the old preschools to the new. We need to get the interenet hooked up in the new house, I need to plan my business sales/shipping around the move.. lots and lots of planning. Can’t wait to get on the other side of it all!
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