This week’s themes: 
picking, reading, watching, rushing, planning 
Sorry I missed last week, I was just so ill (still) that I just did not do anything on the blog and spent a large part of the week in bed. The other part packing. I just can’t seem to kick this flu virus that I have. It keeps moving to different parts of the body giving me something new to deal with each week. I hope it ends soon.
I have been spending a lot of time on etsy picking out artwork for the kinds bedroom. This is the first time I will actually be decorating the kids rooms and I am so excited about it.. but it is so hard!! There are so many cute things and I want to buy it all. I think I am going to do Julius’s first. I have found these super cute super hero print outs that I think will look great with the blue. The girls room I am still unsure of what I am going to do.
I haven’t been reading anything. I have managed to pick up a good eye infection and can only read small bits at a time before my eyes start burning. Being at the computer is also difficult so I have tried to be away from it as much as I can (which is hard when you run a web shop and have photos to edit). However, I miss reading in general and think I am going to ask for the Game of Thrones books for Christmas. I have digital copies, but hate reading on my phone and we don’t have a tablet right now. Having the books would be great.
I have been watching a lot of TV during the day while I work or do nothing but feed Sophie all day. We have also been watching White Collar… and I am undecided with the new season and so sad that it all ends soon! I am not 100% sure where they are going to end it, but I am sure I won’t be happy with it. I have been really enjoying the new season of Reign. Does anyone else watch it?
We have been rushing to get everything done for moving, and I feel like we still have so much to to. The kids start at their new preschool Monday, and we move the rest of our stuff to the new house Sunday. From Sunday on we are no longer doing the two house thing. We will switch focus a bit and get the old house cleaned and painted so we can be done with it. I have no idea when this will happen as our weekends are pretty much booked in December, and well, we will have jobs and stuff during the week. There is also all the paperwork that goes with moving to a new town. The move is almost done.. but I want to be done with it now! Soon…
I have been doing a lot of planning in my head over the last few weeks. Our whole routine is going to change come next week. My husband will have to leave earlier to go to work, which means it is just me who will be getting the kids ready and to school. With 4 kids this is going to take some planning so I don’t go completely insane with frustration. I also really need to plan my time better if I am going to manage to get my work done and not fail out of my first semester of my Masters program. It is exam paper writing time, and not only have I not read most of the material, I still need to choose topics.. I will probably spend most of next week planning out the next couple of months down to the minute..
And I need to do all this while not doing anything at all. I had Sophie checked yesterday, and found that she is not gaining weight again. In fact, when has fallen down to curves and gained almost nothing since her 5 week check up, which was over a month ago. She is still getting taller, and generally happy, but over the last week she has wanted to eat every 2 hour or more around the clock. It is exhausting, but we (me and the nurse) think it is due to the stress of moving and the fact that both me and Sophie have been sick over the last month. We are hoping that I will be able to relax a bit more once we are moved and Sophie will be checked again at the end of December. We can also try and give her a bottle of forumla at night, if she will take it. I am not sure how much relaxing I will be doing, but it will be less stressful not having to go back and forth between houses.
So that is what is currently going on here. I hope to post soon some before and after pictures of the house, but I am waiting until we have moved in and got things set up a bit first.
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