So, we have done it, we are moved into our new house. Well mostly. There are still a few things at the old house, but we are no longer going back and forth, living out of two houses.

Friday we said goodbye to the kids preschool. We had been dreading the day since even before we bought the house. We had become very attached to the preschool. Sean was on the board for it, we already had two kids in it, and they were expecting two more of our kids to be there. If we had stayed, it would have been about 7 or 8 years total that we would been with that particular school. Until a few months ago, that was the mindset everyone had. We all became attached.

Saying goodbye was hard. Our kids love it there. I enjoyed picking the kids up from there, because I felt very welcome there. Which is a big thing when you come from another country with another language. On Friday, we made up a fruit platter and bought some suckers and went their early so we could just hang out for a bit.

It was a bit difficult to see other kids get upset because their friends were leaving. Julius’s best friend almost couldn’t even speak and was very quiet. It was heartbreaking and I felt horrible, but I know that it is just life, and these things happen, but still… heartbreaking.

When when we finally left.. there were some tears.. from me. Our kids handled it really well. We have spent the last couple months really talking to them about it, preparing them for the day. Their teachers have been doing the same. There has even been discussion of some of them coming to visit. We are going to miss them all.

The next day we did our goodbyes with our neighbours.. or kind of. Our plan was to go out to the house Sunday morning, so we decided to say goodbye to the neighbour Saturday evening. This was another we had been dreading. We love our neighbours. They are a couple with two teenage kids, and the entire family shows our kids so much love. Our kids also love them. They have also showed us so much support by letting us know all the time, that if there is ever an emergency and we need someone to watch some of the kids/all of the kids, just come over, no matter the time. We chatted with them frequently about all sorts of things, and they have never showed us anything but support.  We are going to miss them a lot.

We went over Saturday evening, intending for a quick goodbye. Instead we were invited in and we just sat and chatted for a couple hours. They kids played with our kids, running around their house, dancing with our kids. It was a wonderful thing to see their teenage kids running around the house playing and laughing with our kids. It was a lovely evening. There were no tears, and there were no goodbyes. We were told to stop by before we left Sunday to say goodbye. And that we did… but it wasn’t really goodbye. They have promised to come visit and see our house. We will invite them out for our moving in party. They are Sean’s Aunt and Uncles neighbours as well, so we will also visit them. So it wasn’t really goodbye. But we will still miss having them right there.

We didn’t do any goodbyes with family,because we will see them. Really, we only moved to a town that is 20 minutes away. We are not that far away, we just can’t see these people as often as we have over the last 2 years.

So the hardest part of this whole process is over. Now on to saying hello…