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dancing, cooking, losing, clearing, sharing
I love the above picture of Olivia. There isn’t anything fancy about it, but it sums her up so well. She is that kid that is always dirty. She always have stuff on her face, no matter how many times we whipe it clean. Her arms and legs are usually covered with markers, because she is always drawing on herself. And that soother… well it is a must. But just her expression in this picture, a happy, goofy expression. It is her, she is so happy and bouncy almost all the time (and super stubborn when not happy). She is always dancing around the house and generally makes everyone around her smile. She is such a beautiful little person.
I have decided that it is time to start eating healthy again. No special diets, but cooking real meals. No more frozen pizza or chicken nuggets and fries multiple nights a week. I have been pretty good about it this week, but honestly it is a bit difficult. I want my kids to eat, and they are picky, and all like different things. I don’t want to to cook or eat the same thing each week, so I am on the hunt for healthy, but hearty meal that I can make easily. Because lets face it, trying to make dinner when you are by yourself with 4 kids 4 and under is not an easy task.
I am hoping this healthier eating leads to me losing some weight. I think I am they heaviest I have ever been (other than while pregnant), and I have barely lost any pregnancy weight. I lost a bit at first… but I gained it back! Horrible. I am sick of my maternity clothes and want to get back into my old clothes. But our new routine at home has me doing a lot of walking, so I think that will help.
Speaking of routines.. we are in our new home! Like living in it full time. I wrote about how we said goodbye on Monday, but it feels great to be in our own house. I still can’t really wrap my head around that we own our own house… finally. Right now everything is in a state of chaos. Boxes and bags everywhere. I can’t find any of my clothes. I am constantly clearing paths through all the stuff that needs to be unpacked, organized and set up. Right now our bed is in the living room because our bedroom still needs paint and new carpet. The kids are in thier own rooms, however Sophie’s has a bunch of boxes of flooring on the floor.. luckily she doesn’t care or need the space. It’s a total mess, but it is wonderful. Being in the new house, the kids started in their new preschool Monday. Since Sean has to drive into town to get to work for 7:30  I have to take all 4, by myself to the school. I don’t have a valid license here, or a car, so we have to walk. I also need to pick them up in the afternoon. This is an interesting task, getting them all ready and dresses to walk (its cold!), all the while keeping Sophie happy. I will admit, Monday was hard. Sophie ended up crying and screaming the whole way home, the older ones would not listen. I was almost in tears myself. However, already it is easier and I think we have figured out a plan. I have worked on getting Sophie to sleep during drop off and pick up so that she sleep through the whole thing. This makes things much easier. We will get it I am sure.
The kids have adjusted well already. We have had no problems, they already don’t want to come home when I go pick them up. It is amazing how quickly they have fallen in place. All the teachers there have been super nice and sure to let me know how it is going, introduce themselves. Even some of the parents have introduced themselves to me. This may not seem like a big things, but it actually is. Generally, in Denmark people keep to themselves. I think it was months before any of the parents at the old preschool said anything to me, and I don’t think there was ever any formal introduction with any of them. I was really nervous about starting in a new place, but so far everyone has been very welcoming. This is really great because it is a small town.
I am still planning on how to decorate the kids rooms. Right now I have been a bit focuses on Elisabeth and Olivia’s room. Since they are sharing a room until a later time I want matching bedding, but in different colors. I would have loved to find Anna bedding and Elsa bedding.. but can’t. I can find bedding with just Elsa on it, but can’t find any with Anna on it. Frustrating. However I have found some bedding on Amazon that I think will work. It has butterflies on it and I can get one set in yellow and one set in pink. Which is perfect because Olivia tends to want yellow stuff and Elisabeth loves pink and purple. I also found some matching 3D wall butterfly stickers that I think will look neat. I think the pink and yellow will also look nice withe green walls. I just need to figure out something for the curtains, and maybe something else for the wall.
I promise to do a post with some before and after pictures once we get everyone all set up in the house.
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