*** Each week I am going to try and write a letter to one or all of my children. I have set up an email account for each of them and I am going to send them these letters. When they are adults I will give them the password so that they can go back and read and have them. Some I will post here on the blog, others will be only between me and them. I invite all of you to link up posts with me each week that are for or about your children.***


The First – For all of you

This has been a very big week for us. It was the start of a new chapter in our lives. We moved into our new house, one that is our very own. Elisabeth, Julius and Olivia started in their new school. All three have adjusted so well! Elisabeth you already have new friend that you has played with most of the week. I have even caught you kissing a boy. The teachers say that you has fallen into place so well and it is like you has always been there. Julius you have been more cautious, but have had no problems and seem to be happy to be there. I have seen you playing in the room with Olivia. Julius I think it is so great that you are looking out for your little sister and wanting to spend time with her. Olivia, you also seem to be happy their already. We have had some tears in the morning when I drop you off, but that is to be expected. You have all be disappointed when I have picked you up because you don’t want to come home… and you would rather have Far (dad) come pick you up. In some ways, I am a bit sad that you are not happy to see me, but I can also understand that for the last few months it has be far that has been picking you up everyday.

We have had some challenges this week. Julius you have been particularly stubborn and not listening. There are a lot of changes right now, so I am sure it is all a bit overwhelming. It’s okay, as much as I am frustrated, and we have both had tears over it, we will get through it. We all need to adjust to our new routine.

Sophie, I have not forgotten you. This has been a bit of a hard week for us. We started out great. You slept 2 whole nights in a row, but then things went downhill from there. It seems the move and all the changes has affected my milk and you seem to be not getting enough. This is making it hard for you to sleep, and you just want to eat, eat and eat. We are both a bit tired and cranky over it. You refuse to take a bottle, but hopefully we will figure things out again. However, we seem to have figured out a bit of a routine with you when we take the other to and from school. These times are your nap times, and you will finally sleep in the pram. Yay!

Despite some bumps you all seem to be adjusting to life in our new home well, and that makes me smile. I am looking forward to many more years with you all in this house.

Much Love


Oh and one more thing. This week I created this image of Elisabeth:


I shared it on Facebook and everyone just loves it. As do I, and as do  you.


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