*** Each week I am going to try and write a letter to one or all of my children. I have set up an email account for each of them and I am going to send them these letters. When they are adults I will give them the password so that they can go back and read and have them. Some I will post here on the blog, others will be only between me and them. I invite all of you to link up posts with me each week that are for or about your children.***




You are such a beautiful little girl. I think we are going to be in trouble when you are older. Just look at you! And you are only 4. Okay.. okay I know you will soon be 5, which you seem to be looking forward to since you have been asking when your 5th birthday will be since a month after you turned 4.

I hate to break it to you kid, but right now you are a huge drama queen. You react about everything, where it be happy or sad or anger on an extreme level. I hope you will not be always a drama queen, however I hope it means you are going to be a strong minded person. That is a good thing.

I am pretty proud of you these days, even if you and I do not seem to see eye to eye on most things. You started in your new børnehaven (preschool) a couple of weeks ago, and you took it like a champ. Honestly, I wasn’t too worried about you. You handle new environments well, but 2 weeks in and it is like you have always been there. You found friends the first day. You were upset with me when I came to pick you up the first day because you didn’t want to come home. It is wonderful that the transition from one place to another has been smooth for you.

I am also proud of you for another reason. Although you seem to not want to listen to me and love to argue with me on everything, when I ask for your help, especially with Olivia, you almost say yes every time. Every time I ask you to check on Olivia, you do it without question. Thank you for that.

I can’t not wait to see the person you become.

Love Mom

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