*** Each week I am going to try and write a letter to one or all of my children. I have set up an email account for each of them and I am going to send them these letters. When they are adults I will give them the password so that they can go back and read and have them. Some I will post here on the blog, others will be only between me and them. I invite all of you to link up posts with me each week that are for or about your children.***


Dear Sophie

I wanted to write to you this week, as something big had is changing for us.

We have been struggling with getting you to gain weight with only breastfeeding. We have been trying to give you a bottle to give you a little bit extra, but most of the time you refuse. This week we had another check-up, and you once more fell down a bit in the growth chart. Because of this we decided to be a bit more firm with the bottle. I don’t want to worry about you not gaining weight anymore. Unfortunately, this means that our breastfeeding relationship has to change. I am not ready for this. I am heartbroken about it, however I can not continue to nurse you 12 times, day and night. We both need more sleep, and you need food that will help you grow.

Luckily, you have a wonderful Nana who convinced you that the bottle is a good thing. You also did really well yesterday and took the bottle from your dad the entire day, and in the evening were able to have some time together to nurse. I also nursed you when you were up at night. However, you still wanted to nurse all night. That just won’t work. I hope that I can continue to nurse you once or twice a day. However, this morning you rejected the bottle again. I hope that you will continue to take the bottle and eat enough, because if you don’t then we will have to stop nursing all together to be sure that you drink enough from the bottle. But, if in the end, we do stop nursing completely, it will be okay. I will also treasure that special bond we had, even if it was much shorter than planned. What is important is that you continue to grow, and also that I get the rest I need to be a good mom to you  and your siblings.

Even though we have had this challenge, you continue to be a very happy baby. You love to smile, play and chat right now. You almost never cry, you just loudly protest when you are unhappy. You are a little light in all that is hectic with our life right now.

Love Mom


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