Well, it is Jan 1st 2015 and I figured it is time to write a post reflecting a little bit on 2014 and to write down some of my wishes for 2015.

2014 was a strange year. We could have almost split it down the center and pretended it was two different years. The first half was very hard. We had a very rough beginning finacially. I think we had 2 or 3 times where we had about 40 dollars to feed our family of 5 for a week. We managed. We some how made it through that. But I will the first few months of 2014 were pretty depressing.

Heathwise, 2014 sucked. I was pretty much sick the entire year. I think while pregnant I manged to get the flu 4 times and food posioning once (which meant a hospital trip I have had a cold pretty much the entire year.

Then things started to fall into place.

I made the decision in 2014 to start selling vinyl backdrops. I opened in May and haven’t looked back. It has been a bit slow, a bit bumpy, but I think 2015 is going to a good business year.

I got accepted and started my Masters program in European Studies in September. I will admit, this first semester has been a disaster due to not finding the time for it. But I am still going to look at it as a positive in my life.

In August we welcomed our 4th child to the world, Sophie. And for the first time after having children I do not find myself thinking about the next one, or entertaining the idea of having another. Our family is complete, and it is amazing.

We bought a house. This is a big one, as I thought it would never, ever happen for us and that we would be renting forever. I can’t even explain the feeling it gives me that we own our home, that it is ours, and we don’t have to move again. Our house is large enough that we can’t outgrow it. That is a wonderful feeling. I feel like we have found our place. We has to say goodbye to some really great people in our childrens lives and move to a new town, but it was worth it. Now just to get the house set up…

2014 was amazing! We started the year in a poor finacial state, and ended with buying and moving into our first home.

2014 taught me to never give up, because your situation can change quickly, and when it happenes.. it happenes, good and bad. You just need to work your way through it.

Although 2014 brought many great things for us, I am glad it is over. I am looking forward to 2015.

I think 2015 is the year everything settles for us. I can not wait until we have the house as we want it and be unpacked.

I think this is the year I will find my footing in my business and work out the balance between being self employed and family life.

I have set two goals for myself this year.

1. Be healthier. Make healthier choices. No strict rules on that, just make more effort in that part of life.

2. Photography for myself. I am joining Catch The Moment 365. I am going to take a picture every day with my good camera. I am going to take more pictures of the children. I am going to take more pictuers of flowers, branches, nature.. etc.

I have a whole bunch of other things I want to work on. But these two are my goals for 2015.

2015 IS going to be a really great year for us. I am really looking forward to it.