I kind of touched on how Sophie was doing in my letter to her in my new weekly link-up, but I figured I would do a full post and give an update.

Sophie turned 4 months on Dec. 31st. Time sure does fly! She is still a little thing, we are now only just moving out of her newborn clothes. Crazy right? She is super long, but for some reason I can still squish her into all the small clothes, and the next size up is a bit big. As mentioned in previous posts we have had some troubles with her gaining weight. We were not overly concerned, but things really began to become apparent that she was lacking food after I went to my first mothers group.

Sophie was the same size, and sometimes smaller than all the other babies. They babies there were all around 4-6 weeks old where she was 3 months old. I had also been thinking that her colour wasn’t too great, and that she was starting to look sickly. However, due to her being happy all the time, and still hitting milestones I kind of brushed it off. After her last check we saw that she had started to move down ANOTHER curve I made the decision to switch to formula.

We had been trying to get her to take a bottle here and there, but she always refused. Luckily, my mother-in-law took all the kids for the evening and convinced Sophie that a bottle was a good way to get food. To begin with, we cut out all breastfeeding except for in the morning and in the evening before bed. However, the more Sophie drank from a bottle, the crappier her latch became and she wouldn’t empty my breasts. So we have had to cut out breastfeeding entirely. She seems completely fine with it. Me.. well I wasn’t ready and am having a hard time having lost that special connection so quickly and suddenly. Also… quiting breastfeeding so suddenly is painful! I get pretty sick when I am engourged and have been feeling physically and emotionally (all those changing hormones) wreaked for the last week. But my breasts are sofening again, so hopefully we are just about on the other side of that..

Anyways.. the change is Sophie is huge. Within a few days her skin color completely changed, and she has become more lively. She has always been happy and alert, but she is different now. She just seems so much healthier now (even though she has a bit of a cold still). She will actually hold herself up when laying on her tummy now, and she started rolling, both ways. She doesn’t just lay there anymore, she is moving around a lot more. It is obvious seeing her now and comparing to before that moving to formula was the right move for us. It wasn’t an easy decision, I so wanted to be able to breastfeed her longer. But I think I just need to except that I did what I could and move on from it.

Sophie has the best giggle, and she is very playful. Her and Julius have started to play and it is adorable. By playing I just mean that he puts his head down to her and she grabs his hair and tried to eat his face. But they both seem to love it. Sophie either smiles at the other when the come to her, or cries. She really lets us know when she is not in the mood to have the kids in her face. She puts up with a lot from them though, and most of the time just sits here as the poke and prod her, squish her, accidently knee her in the head… I think it is more stressful for me watching and trying to keep them from hurting her than it is for her.

Oh.. and sleep. There is improvement there as well. She is now only up 1 or 2 times a night. This is a huge improvement over the being up every 1.5hrs. I think we are all happier over this. Except maybe the husband, as now he is getting up with her instead of me. I love him dearly. Since switching over to the bottle he has done all the night feedings to let me catch up on sleep. When he goes back to work on Monday I will take over again.

So that is where Sophie is at 4 months. I think the next couple of months we are going to see even more changes with her. I can’t wait.