*** Each week I am going to try and write a letter to one or all of my children. I have set up an email account for each of them and I am going to send them these letters. When they are adults I will give them the password so that they can go back and read and have them. Some I will post here on the blog, others will be only between me and them. I invite all of you to link up posts with me each week that are for or about your children.***



This picture pretty much sums you up right now. You are completely bonkers! Both in a good way and a bad way.

I will be honest with you kid, you have been giving me a run for my money. You have recently decided that listening to me is not something you are very interested. I swear, some days, you are purposely trying to make me want to sell you! Not really, I would never sell you. I love you too much. But seriously, I hope that this is just a phase and that it is just a reaction to all the big changes we have had recently. I am sure leaving your friend Johanne was really hard for you. He was your first real friend. By the way, when you and Johanne had to say goodbye, I am pretty sure all the adults in the room were close to tears. It is such a wonderful thing to see that you made such a close friend at such a young age, and it was utterly heartbreaking to have to end that friendship for you. I am sorry for that.

But, I know you will find new friends. One morning, right after we moved we talked about you making new friends, and you told me ‘Ja, I will make new friends. Jannie told me… because she loves me’. Jannie was one of the adults from your old preschool. It was one of the many adorable things you have said.

Like I said, I know you will make friends, because when you are not being a little butthead you are an amazing, kind hearted person. You look out for your sisters, and I love that. You will occasionally cuddle, and you say some of the sweetest things. You love Sophie and play with her any chance you get. You have this huge urg to learn right now. You want us to read you books, and you are always asking about how stuff is made. I promise, when things settle we will focus more on reading books and learning. I want to do these things with you!

As much as you frustrate me right now, I truly love seeing the person you might become. I think your sisters are going to be very lucky to have you.

Much Love


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