This week’s themes: 
resolving, planning, cleaning, leaving, thinking
First currently post of 2015 🙂 🙂
So each year I resolve to get on top of the whole weight/healthy thing. And again, this year I am resolving to loose the baby weight. I am not going to be getting pregnant again so it is time. I have joined an accountability group on Facebook to give me some motivation. I admit, it is a bit hard since I can’t do much as far as excerise goes, but I am really really working hard at the food thing. I have cut out all junk food, with the exception of a hot chocolate or cappacino in the evenings. I have cut out all soda. I have been working on making sure I eat something for breakfast, and I have started working on more water in take. I really want to loose about 25 pounds. I’m going to do it this time!
Planning.. when am I not planning something! I have really working on planning out my business a little better. I need to set some goals as well as some restrictions so that I don’t over spend on props/stuff that I can’t sell etc. I also am planning to take days off. I NEED days off and to shut my brain off.
Having the kids home for 2 weeks over the holidays has left me cleaning all day long. Tomorrow is Friday and they have been back almost a week, and I still haven’t caught up on the cleaning.
After having each of the kids I seem to hit a point where I can no longer function due to exahustion. I have reached that point again. This is evident because I keep leaving milk, cheese and other food out on the counter over night or all day. Not like, once or twice. This is a daily issue! It is horrible.. so much milk has been dumped down this sink this week. Hopefully this will change. Sophie has only been getting  up once a night, so I am getting more sleep, I just haven’t adjusted to it yet.
I have been thinking that I need to find a hobby that can not be incorporated into my work. I need something to do that I enjoy that is a mental break from my work or else I will burn myself out. I am thinking about starting to draw or paint again… not sure yet..
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