This weeks themes: calling, going, taking, breaking, wondering

It’s been a while since I did a currently post, and honestly I miss it and I figure maybe it is a good way to get back to the blog a bit. So here it goes….

I feel like people are constantly calling or contacting me this week. Granted I have about a billion things I am trying to accomplish for work right now. This has all involved contacting various people to get things worked out, booked, edited.. etc. I am hoping this overwhelming amount of stuff that needs to be done settles in the near future. I am super stressed right now with work and school.

I tried going down to school the other week, for a week. I didn’t manage to make it to a single class. My fybromyalgia has flared up, and the 6 hour travel time down to the town where my school is just left me in pain. The first day I spent the day in my room. I did go out to get food, but other wise I spent the day at school. The next day I was supposed to meet a friend I hadn’t seen for 5 years for a couple of hours for coffee… well that turned into 8 hours and I missed my class. No regrets with that day, it was wonderful to catch up with her! The next day I just said screw it and went home. I will be going down there again in Aprils.. so hopefully it works out then.

I have been really putting an effort in making sure that I am taking time away from work. The weekends I try not to do any work related stuff. I don’t answer emails and I don’t answer the phone. It is hard, but I think it helps so that I don’t completely burn out.

Breaking… I don’t have anything for breaking.

I have really been wondering why I thought it would be a good idea to have another baby, start a masters degree and a new business all within 5 months of each other… Insanity!

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