This week’s themes: 
setting, using, watching, choosing, imagining
Yesterday me and the hubby made a trip to Ikea. I have been meaning to re-do my office. So since yesterday afternoon I have been working on setting up cabinets and desks. I actually just finished putting together the last one about 5 minutes ago. And… I managed to break 2 of them. They both can be used. One has a hole in it, but I just put that side to the wall. However I am excited to get my office organized!
I have been using the stationary bike that we found in the house when we bought it more over the last couple of weeks. The cycling is low impact and not to hard on the body. I have managed to work myself to 30 minute rides averaging about 15 km. I sweat. It makes me happy. I hope I manage to keep it up at least 3 times a week. I really want to drop the baby weight now.
I have started watching lots of tv series lately, but having trouble finding ones that can hold my attention. I recently binged watched on series called the White Queen. I am disapointed that it was just a mini-series. I quite enjoyed it.
Since choosing to hire someone for the business, I have been really focusing on the business. Making it more official, more business like. The new office furniture is part of that. But also I am looking into hiring an accountant, and always planning marketing ideas. I really want to off load a lot of the adminstration tasks so I can focus on the products. I see a light at the end of the tunnel… but the tunnel is long. So. Much. Paper. Work.
I am imagining a time where I don’t have to work weekends and I can focus on the kids more. Give them more of my attention. I am imagning a time where money is not a constant stress issure for me. I know the first few years of starting a business is difficult. I just hope the reward is great. I hope my kids will look back and understand. I hope that in the near future I will be able to put the work a side at the end of the day and the weekends and just focus on family time. I also hope to find time alone with my husband again. Some day…
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