This week’s themes: 
loving, showing, shopping, making, choosing
I am not loving all the sickness that is going around that is making my kids unmanagable. First Olivia ended up home with a fever. The fever lasted about 4 days, but whatever it was is still lingering and she is extra cranky and extra stubborn! Since last Monday Sophie has also been sick with some sort of cold. She is normally super easy… not when sick. She doesn’t want to sleep, some days getting her to eat is hard, and she is just generally cranky. Yesterday a rash showed up, today it is much worse, so we will try and get into the doctors today. I am assuming it is just a run of the mill viral rash. Either way…. I am ready for it to be over with. And to top things off I am pretty sure I have a bladder infection…. Yay!
Okay, while writing that last paragraph I got a phone call saying I had an appointment in 45 minutes. This meant getting the 3 oldest dressed and ready for preschool, and there and to the doctors  office in that time. Insantity! But I managed, but not before kids have meltdowns, Julius running into a bench, hurting himself and having a mini anoxic seizure, and Olivia running away from me and me having to chase her down to get her in the building.
I sure I looked like awesome mom of the year having my 4 year old sit and watch my 6 month old, while I had my 2 year old football style on my air with her boots which she kickted off in my other hand. Elisabeth went inside for me with no hassel. I took Olivia in, put her down and she turned to run again, so I dragged her all the way in, found one of the teachers and asked them to watch her since she kept trying to run off and I had 2 more kids waiting outside for me.
But guess what… even with all that I still made it to the doctors office with 5 minutes to spare. Winning!
It seems Sophie probably just has a run of the mill rash from a virus, and maybe a bit of a ear infection. But since she hasn’t had a high fever there is nothing to do but ride it out.
And she has cried and screamed since, being a total grouch.
So yeah… that is my currently this week.
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