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Guys, it has been another rough 2 weeks in our house. We started a month or more ago with Olivia having a 5 day fever, then Sophie was sick for 2 weeks, and I thought that was the end of it. THEN the next week Julius got a tummy virus… more puke and other lovely things. And then of course, this week Elisabeth came down with something else. There was some puke, there was some coughing, and a high fever. So yet again I was not able to work very much due to sick kids. And lets face it, when you are a work from home mom, you get the sick kids. I figured great, now all 4 have been sick, so we are done. NOPE! Yesterday Julius started coughing. When I picked him up from daycare he was not looking so good (I don’t know why they didn’t call me… but I am kind of thankful they didn’t…). We came home, and he fell asleep on the couch before he could even take off his coat and boots. He woke up, had a tiny bite of dinner, and went back to sleep. Around 10 he woke with a raging fever. We gave him something for that, and luckily he went back to sleep.
I am not loving all the sickness that we keep getting hit with. With 4 kids it seems like this never ending cycle. I am sure with the last thing, we still have at least Olivia who will get it, and probably Sophie as well. It hopped from Elisabeth to Julius pretty quickly, so maybe we will get lucky and have it done by the time Easter is done and I will be able to get on with work again.
I have been planning all of march that April is the month I start eating better. After easter, because lets face it, 5 days home with the kids requires chocolate for survival! But come tuesday… yeah… maybe… we will see how it goes. I will get back to you on that one.
I have been feeling super frustrated lately. Mostly just because the kids keep getting sick, and I just don’t have enough time to get what I want and need to get done for the business. For example, I have been working on a new design for a maternity gown for photography for like the last year. However dealing with slippery fabrics has put me off because I just don’t have the patience to seam them. It just takes too long and did seem worth the time. Last week I said screw it, I want to get these dresses done (I have the fabric cut for 6 dresses) and bought a overlock (serger). I was beyond excited! And when it arrived earlier than expected I was even more excited. However I have yet had the chance to actually do anything with it because I have been swimming in puke and laundry the last few weeks. But my husband has promised me the entire Easter holiday to work. So my plan is to get caught up with school, redesign the webshop and sew dresses.
I spend a lot of time picturing what I want my business to be. I want to be one of the top backdrop providers for newborn and childrens photography in Europe. I want to have a large selection of other items for newborn and maternity photography. These are large goals. And in all honestly I have been very wary of the whole thing, however I have decided to jump in with two feet and go for it. I spent all of March working out the logistics of hiring an employee. My next goal is to figure out the whole import/export thing so I can get more products for the shop as well as open the shop up for international shipping. This is all exciting… this is also all a lot of work. But I am going to do it!
I am still mostly wearing maternity clothes, however it is becoming a problem. My body is changing shape again (but I can’t seem to loose any pounds…) and the maternity pants are starting to be a bit big and won’t stay up. However I am no where close to fitting any of my regular pants. And I am too cheap/stubborn to buy pants because I don’t want to stay at this weight and it seems pointless to spend any money on pants that will only fit for like 4 months. However, I should have some pants somewhere that should fit, but I have yet to unpack all my clothes from when we moved. So ill fitting maternity pants it is…
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