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spending, running, feeling, resisting, needing

I have been spending so much time lately looking at wholesalers websites and marketplaces online. I applied for an import/export licence for my business which means two things. I can order items for the shop in bulk from outside of Europe. I am super excited about this prospect! It will allow me to expand my shop to be a better allround prop shop. However it is hard to find suppliers that do not require to buy like 200 to 1000 peices of one item. But they are out there, I just need to find them. This will also mean that I will be opening up my  shop for worldwide shipping. It’s exciting. It’s overwhelming… but exciting.

I bought some running shoes. Now that I have been cleared to run, I really want to start a c25k program. I am just waiting for this cold and sore throat to pass. I think I am going to look into joining a 5 k run this year. Maybe a color run. We will see. Goals…

Even though life has been totally hectic here and I am super stressed with getting everything done, and I feeling pretty good about the bigger picture right now. I am content. My kids drive me bat shit crazy most days… but I am content with where I am right now.

I really need start resisting the urge to buy stuff. I want to buy stuff for the kids, for myself, for my husband, for the shop. I generally have been spending way too much money lately. Granted, the kids do need things like clothes that fit and that are weather appropriate.

I have found myself really needing to find  a way for me to focus on my studies. I do not need a Masters degree, but I do want it. However being so far away from school makes it really easy to push it to the side. I wasn’t able to attend one of my classes where we were supposed to give a presentation. My teacher suggested that I do a presentation as a blog post. This kind of got wheels turning in my brain and I decided a blog would be a great way for me to put some focus in my studies. I decided to not just do a single blog post about my presentation, but to start a blog about my studies. I hope to share presentations, case studies and summarys of required reading there. You can find it HERE. I doubt any of my readers here would find it interesting, but it is there if you want to stop by.

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