As I mentioned in my post on monday, my fibromyalgia is at an all time high. I went to the doctor last week, and we decided on an action plan.

We (me and my doctor) decided that the first step would be working on me getting a proper sleep rythmn again. When discussing with my husband before this appointment on what his opinion on it all was, he said he didn’t think I was sleeping right. I often wake many times at night. I toss and turn. If I wake up any time after 3 am, I can not go back to sleep. I tired one of those sleep apps on my phone for a couple of nights. One night it said that I only slept for 30 minutes total. Yeah… that just isn’t enough.

So it makes sense that this is where we need to start. However, having 4 small children means I need to be able to wake up in the middle of night if needed. Because of this most drugs for sleeping are not a good option for me. So we decided to try an antidepressent instead. Antidepressants are commonly prescribed for sleep issues as well as for fibromyalgia, but I honestly wasn’t thrilled, however am willing to give it a try. The doctor was clear though, he would require me to be on them for a year, and I would have to come in monthly to be evaluated. In many ways this sucks… however it also shows me that I have found a doctor who is looking out for my wellbeing and taking it seriously. I am thankful for that.

I started on a drug called mirtazapine. I took my first dosage of 15mg on Monday night. I am to take 15mg every evening before bed for the first week, then move up to 30mg. Now, I spent the last few days reading and reading on this drug. From what I have read, it is a relatively safe drug and most people find it effective. I have also read that the first two weeks to a month are terrible with side effect, but wait it out because it will get better. Most people who were not happy with the drug stopped taking it before giving it a real chance. With this in mind, I requested my husband to re-adjust his work schedule so that he is able to help me in the mornings with the kids.

So how did the first day go? Well the first night on it I still woke up, however I quickly fell back to sleep each time, and I dont think I fully woke up. So that was a good sign. When my husband came in with Sophie in the morning I had a really hard time waking up. I was really groggy and it probably took me a full hour to actually wake up, but I was groggy all morning, and hazy all day (that is the best I can explain it). I also had a really dry mouth, which I expected as it is the most common complaint. After having a cup of coffee I woke up enough to be able to do some work at the computer for a couple of hours. After that I was pretty tired so I took a shower hoping that it would wake me. However with that I found out that the drug is also making me pretty light headed and I ended up ending my shower due to being really dizzy and just about throwing up in the shower. I spent the rest of the day resting on the couch and napping on and off. I woke up late afternoon and the hunger (also a side effect) really kicked in. I wanted to eat everything I could find. I will have to load the first with healthy snacks to that I don’t gain much weight.

I started to wake up in the evening, however by that time it was time for me to take my next dose. I took it, and it took about 45 minutes before I felt it kick in. I woke up a few times again last night, so I am a bit concerned that maybe this isn’t going to work. But I am going to contribute this to it is just what my body knows and does, and it will take a bit of time for it to stop waking multiple times. This morning I was able to wake up easier, and did not feel too groggy. However now that I have been up for a couple of hours I am ready to lay down again, and as I write this I am becoming groggier and groggier. I have cancelled my business apointment I had today, and will take most of today to relax (although I am not sure I have a choice in the matter).

I am hoping these side effects don’t last a full month, but I hope that this is the path to better sleep and a reduced pain.

I have made a bit of a plan for myself to try and get to a better hold in my fibro, so here it is:

1. Work on my sleep with the help of the Mirtazapine.

2. Got to bed at a reasonable hour, start reading again before going to sleep. Reading has always a good ‘break’ for me. It is a good way to unwind.

3. Start excerising again. I am going to start with 15 minutes on the stationary bike once I get over the dizzy/lightheadedness of the drugs

4. Eat healthier. I am going to cut out all junkfood and probably strive for a mostly paleo diet. I have done this in the past and it helped my pain levels.

And thats it.

I am hoping to share more about my fibromyalgia on this blog. It can be such a lonely disease, so I want share so that if anyone reads this and has fybro that perhaps they won’t feel as alone.