This weeks topics:

bringing, running, listening, creating, buying

You know I really look forward to this link up each week. I have found a few really great bloggers that I love to follow with it. It is what keeps bringing me back to my blog right now.  This week I have blogged almost every morning, and it has been therapeutic! It has at least helped me clear out some of the jumbled mess in my head. I am also liking my new header/logo or whatever you want to call it. And I am liking my new design, although it isn’t finished (I need to do the sidebar that shows up in individual pages and posts). I think I may have lost all my images when I moved, which kind of sucks.. but oh well…

I am hoping that I will be able to start running next week. I really want to start a c25k. I wanted to start it a couple of weeks ago, then again this week, but the meds make me too groggy, however it already seems a bit better. The only time I can find the time however is before everyone gets up. Today my husband woke me at 6am and this was really hard to wake up at that time. I am normally up between 5 and 6. I have always been up around that time and I am generally a morning person, but not right now. I hope next week I will be able to wake up early again.

I have a confession to make. I have been listening to this teen pop song a lot lately.


I grew up watching Boy Meets World, so I had to check out Girl Meets World. I am not overly interested in the show, however this song gets stuck in my head and I have to play it on repeat to get it out of my system.

I haven’t been creating much lately. I have ideas swimming in my head for the shop. I did take out my sketch book for about an hour last week. I want to get back to that again. I love creating.. but my mind needs to be in the right place to have the motivation to do so.

I have been buying too much for the shop lately. I just can’t help it, I want lots of products for Lil Prop Shop! I bought some wool to make some woven blankets last week, as well as some cute hat and pant sets and hairbands. I can’t wait to get them in so I can put them up in the shop. Oh and stretch wraps too. Hopefully I will be able to sell all of it.. I really do need to start making a profit soon.

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