This week’s themes: 
looking, loving, planning, starting, wishing
Wow.. a week has already gone by since I last posted. I am really looking forward to when the side effects (mostly drowsiness) of this new medication die down a bit. This past week has been hazy to say the least. I will have to devote an entire post on how thing are going, but I am getting sleep. Like real sleep now and I can feel a difference even if I am still sleepy during the day. Mornings are the hardest. Getting up and going is hard right now. I am currently not a morning person at all.
I am really loving my new phone. I can’t really say why we decided to get me a new phone, but the local shop had a Motorola Moto G on sale. I love it so far. It is a bit big for my hand, but other than that it is much nicer than my old iPhone 4. The best part is that the camera is much better. I am really excite about that. However I have get used to using android again. No complaints, just different.
I have not been doing much planning of anything the last week. I have just been trying to get through each day. I am normally a planner, and I can tell I have slacked off because I am so behind on my work and the house is a total mess. I won’t even get started about how horribly messy my desk is. It is actually kind of stressing me out. I should probably do something about it….
Sophie is starting to pull up on things so that she can stand. Time is moving too quickly with her. I wish I could keep her little longer. I know one day I am going to blink and they all will have graduated ad moved out. That and she keeps falling and smacking her head… it’s a wonderful, yet stressful age.
I keep wishing it was summer. Or at least, we had summer weather. I am ready for the warm, sunny weather. We have no head in the house right now, so some mornings have just sucked as it is a bit chilly in the house. I am dreaming of spending time out in the yard just relaxing in the nice warm weather. I has to come soon right?
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