I have been on mirtazapine to help with my fibromyalgia for about 2 weeks now. The first week wasa bit hazy, but by the end of the week I was starting to feel rested and normal. Then I jumped up to a 30 mg dose and it was kind of like starting all over again.

The first day I was fine. Not drowsy during the day, but pretty tired around the time it was to take my pill again. The second day of the 30mg dose and I was back to zombie mode. It is super difficult to wake up in the mornings unless my husband leaves me to wake up naturally. I can hear everything that is going on, but I can’t seem to wake up on my own before 9am.

This morning I had to be up at 6. I set my alarm for 5, at time I would like to be able to get up at again. I am normally a morning person. This morning  turned off the alarm and my husband had to get my out of bed at 6. It probably took a good 10 minutes before I could really wake up and get out of bed. Once up though, I can manage. I am a  bit out of it for the first hour or so, but functional.

So, it is working at getting me to sleep more. Although I am still a bit drowsy during the day, I am no longer exahusted. And because of this I feel a little big lighter and the world doesn’t feel so heavy (most of the time). Or at least, I can deal with it clearly. Pain wise, honestly I can feel it more, but by not being so tired, I can also deal with that better as well. I did have one day this past week where I was pretty sore. This was my fault, I over did it in the garden the day before.

But overall, I think the mirtazapine is helping, however I need to get on top of the increased hunger that it is causing because I want to eat everything all the time. Also the dry mouth is pretty bad. I have been using chewing gum, and this helps with both the dry mouth and the hunger, but in general I am not a chewing gum kind of person. I am not as groggy during the day anymore as long as I have something to to eat and a cup of coffee. And I managed to get the kids to preschool without yelling at them.

So it is looking good so far.