I find myself in need of some quiet. Some alone time. Alone time where I can take my time, not having to rush back right away. Alone time where I am not working. But lets face it… with 4 kids, one of which is a 9 month old baby this doesn’t happen. So I will take 5 minutes here, 5 minutes there.

This morning I took 5 minutes to take some pictures in the garden. I was more than excited to see that we have a couple lilac bushes. We have both purple and white. Love them! Can’t wait for them to be in full bloom.


I decided to take some pictures of the blue bells before I dig up this flower bed. They are pretty, but just don’t go with my plans for the flower bed. I may not take them out, but I am not really going to worry where they end up either.

IMG_1214 IMG_1216

Some of our rodendrons have bloomed. I was a bit disappointed that they are white. This is my least favorite color for these flowers. Mostly because when they start to die off they turn brown and are pretty ugly.


But I can live with it. They still add a nice pop of color to the garden. I can’t wait to see what color the other bushes are. And I also found this little guy in the flowers:


All these images are editied with Kim Klassens lightroom preset quite. I am LOVING her presets. I have a ton of presets and a ton of action, however I love these because she made them with still life photography in mind. These are going to be great for my flower photography.

Kim Klassen dot com