This weeks themes:

tasting, wearing, working, checking, playing

I am currently suffering from a sugar hangover from yesterday. We had no food in the house other than some apple and oats… so I made apple crisp… with way too much sugar.. then ate all of it. I feel like crap today. I have a horrible headache and really just want to be in bed.  Yesterday I went shopping to get some more healthy options in the house since my new meds make me hungry all the time. This morning made up my own recipie to make some coconut flour scone things. I mixed in some pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and some dried cranberries. Honestly they are tasting already. I am sure they will be really good warmed with some butter. No sugar, mostly paleo (I used some baking powder) and I think I will probably make them again.

I have been wearing the same clothes all week. We are so behind on laundry and the kids clothes always takes priority. Basically, if it isn’t covered in snot, or smell really bad I will wear it and consider it clean… motherhood….

I haven’t been working much this past week. I just can’t seem to get up and going this week. I have no motivation. I am getting so behind in photo editing, and I have two more shoots Saturday. I am blessed with great customers that understand that their photos will take a bit longer than normal. Still… I want to be caught up.

I keep checking my tracking numbers for some things I have ordered for the shop. I am over the moon excited for an order, that has finally shipped out… I can’t wait to see the items, do a product shoot (yes… that means more photo editing…) and get the items up in the shop. Now that I have written that, I realize I haven’t check yet this morning… must go do that asap!

Julius and Elisabeth have been playing so well together lately. It is a real treasure to see. I am not sure what has happened, but they seem to have really bonded lately and have not been fighting. It makes my heart sing to see them get along and love each other. It makes life so much easier when they have each other and want to be in each others company.

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