This weeks themes:

reading, watching, listening, eating, enjoying

You might have noticed that I added a books page to my blog. Since the kids were born, I haven’t read that much. I used to read all the time, and I really want to get back into the habbit, so I decided to make list of books I want to read. I’m also considereing trying to find a book club.. or not… not sure about it. However, I did get a book for my kindle. I bought The Magicians. It is supposed to be good if you enjoyed the Harry Potter series. I’m not too far into it, but so far so good. So that is what I am reading right now.

Over the last week or so I have been binge watching Breaking Bad. I know.. I know… how could I have not watched it before. It honetly took me most of the first season to get interested in the show. The second season was good. The third and fourth season…. meh. But I want to see how it ends. I have some how never come across how it ends on the interwebs.

My kids got my husband a ninja costume for his birthday a couple of weeks ago. This weekend he put it on to play with them. It was wonderful. I was in the kitchen baking, listening to my husbnd and kids play and laugh and just enjoy the moment. It was music to my ears. I love him so much for being such  great father.

I have managed to get some control on my eating. I think I mentioned before that this medication that I am make me hungry all the time. No amount of food will stop it. I have gained about 7 lbs since starting these meds. I’m not thrilled, but I am no longer eating all day long. I need to try and drink more water during the day. I think that will help as well. I am still having trouble getting excerise in. My pain levels are still high.. so it’s a struggle.

Monday I spent the day planning out my week. I felt a bit like I was drowning in everything that needed to be done and was feeling so overwhelmed that I wasn’t getting anything done at all because I didn’t know where to start. I broke down my days this week into managable (almost) tasked. I feel so much better, that I am enjoying my week more. My evenings as well, because I know I got what I need to get done for the day and I can leave work until the morning without feeling too stressed about it. However, I am really missing a planner that fits me. I don’t really follow a time schedule, more of a checklist, so I hate havin all the times in my planner. I feel like I have to follow a time schedule then. So, I decided I am going to design my own and have it printed. I bought a planner that I could print out myself, but now I just have loose papers everywhere. I want a book, so I am going to get one printed there and binded so that it is all neat and tidy.

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