I have been on the mirtazapine for about a month now so I thought I would update. I am currently on a 30 mg dose to help me sleep, which in turn is supposed to help with my pain levels for my fibromyalgia. Well, has helped me get a more restful sleep, but I think I slept better on the lower dose. I am to do one more week on the 30 mg, then I can lower my dose if I still feel that the lower does helped more with sleep.

The more rest is good. The side effects are not so great, and are starting to become a problem. Getting up in the mornings is still difficult. However once I get up and moving I am usually ok. However, getting myself motivated to do anything is still a challenge. I really just want to sit on the couch and do nothing all day. I’m finding it difficult to focus on any one task for more than 20 minutes at a time.

Some of the side effects from this drug can include weakness and shaking. I unfortuntly have developed this. The shaking can be bad enough that I can’t hold my camera. I’m a photographer. This is a big issue. Last week I did my last newborn shoot until I can get my fibro managed. My hands shook enough that I couldn’t get the baby into a deep enough sleep because I was waking her ever so slightly. After 3 hours, I was tired and frustrated that I called it. Luckily it was free shoot to do some product images for my own shop, and I did get a couple of images for the parents. But other than the photoshoots I have scheduled already I am not taking anymore. I am totally bummed about it. So for now I will put all my focus on the webshop.

I have also gained 10lbs since starting the meds. I am not too happy about this as you can imagine. I really need to figure out time to get some excerise. I want to loose weight, not gain more. This will take better will power from me, which I know I can do.

And for my pain levels? They re still just as high. I am in a lot of pain. Small tasks are painful. Yesterday I was making something from Hama beads for one of the girls. From that the tips of my fingers all the way up my arm to my elbows were throbbing. For some reason the tops of my feet have been hurting. My knees are killing, my back hurts, as does my neck and I have had this lingering headache for the last week.

Right now I am up in the air about where to go from here. I know the medication can take time to work right, so I will stick with it until my next appointment. It is looking like I am going to need something for the pain though. I don’t really want to go down that route.. but I may half too. So that is where I am right now. Frustrated.