I have been wondering what color our rhododenrons where since the first time we came out to look at this house last june (a whole year ago!). I will be honest, rhododendrons are not my favorite. Sure they are beautiful when they bloom, but they just don’t last, and when the blooms die, it just looks so messy. That being said, I was still excited to see what we had. Two of our bushes bloomed in may, and were a light pink, almost white color. They are finished now, but our other bushes are in full bloom now. I am happy to see that we have some nice pink and purple ones. I took some time to take some pictures while they are still fresh. I really wish I had a macro for these.

IMG_9867 IMG_9870 IMG_9875 IMG_9883

Once again I used Kims presets, this time using Justa on them.

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