On the weekend we went for a family walk around the forest behind our house. I brough along the camera in hopes of getting some pictures of the kids, but also of flower, mushrooms… whatever I could find. I really didn’t find much. Elisabeth found these flowers and asked me to take a picture.. so I did.


We then came home and spent some time puttering around in the harden. I recently planted some hortensias’ and I am so glad to see them blooming! And huge blooms at that. One of them has one that is about two of my hands.

IMG_9885 IMG_9887 IMG_9891

I am also really happy with the color. I wasn’t too sure what color they were when my husband brought them home. The looked blue, but since hortensias color is based by the soil it is in, it really didn’t matter. I am plesently surprised with this purple color they are. I really hope they stay this color, because it is just beautiful. Honestly, I hoped for blue blooms… but I will take this purple color as well.

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